The A10可能有两大遗憾:sian Students Photography Exhibition's Forw万名大学生说新疆”ard

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跟任天堂一样PlayStation的真人宣传片一直都保持着一个非常高10可能有两大遗憾:的标准。SIE韩国也不例外。他们新公开的PS4 Pro宣传片中就讲述了一个非常有趣的万名大学生说新疆”故事(我为什么流泪了)。

Youth is the hope of nation’s future as well as the host of its destiny. The First Asian Students Photography Exhibition would like to take this opportunity to enhance mutual understanding and respect between cultures and regions in the Asia-Pacific region through photography.


Photographs focus on topics such as current affairs, people, customs and scenery. These photographs show beautiful natural scenery and their nations characteristics in special ways. They contain abundant connotation, a strong sense of time, various expressive moods, and strong vision images. They certainly show the outstanding quality of the Asian students.


the 2006 Annual Conference of Education Forum for Asia. The Exhibition will be a unique platform to show the energetic, creative quality of Asian students who use their cameras to show the distinctive characteristics of their home countries, natures’ beauty through their creativity, and to record the most important world events that have happened in their eyes.

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